The Sound of Silence. Why Music Has Such an Impact on our Lives.

Coppell Community Orchestra Music

This is a short little piece of Content Writing I did for the Coppell Community Orchestra Face Book Page.  The idea was to show the impact that music has on our lives.

Coppell Community Orchestra and The Impact Music Has on our Lives

Let’s Try an Experiment

I invite you to join me in an experiment.  I wonder if you will not be able to do it either.  Recently, while going through some courses I have been taking, I decided not to listen to any music. All day long.  For days.  I found my mind filling in the music!  And weird music at that!  Things I heard in childhood.  Like “Where oh where has my little dog gone?” or “How much is that doggie in the window?”  Yes, I do love dogs.  And then things like “Valderi, Valdera, Valderi, Valdera-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha” and I simply could not get them out of my head!  That is the deep impression that music makes on our brains.  We may not actually be listening to it, but it is embossed in our memories, our minds. This is the impact that music has on our lives.

The Impact Music Makes on us

Why does music have such an impact on our lives? Many reasons. Listening to music relaxes us. It entertains us. And, according to some studies, it can also relieve stress. According to one study by Plos One:

..listening to music had an impact on the human stress response, particularly the autonomic nervous system. Those who had listened to music tended to recover more quickly following a stressor.

Plos One – The effect of music on the human stress response

Music has many more beneficial effects including improving cognitive performance, improving your memory, and even helping you to manage pain. Who doesn’t want that?

Listen to and Support Music

Music surrounds us and is available through many venues. It is important to remember that people make music because they love it. It is their passion. Support your local musicians. Support your local Community Orchestras.

It will make your life better.