It’s About More Than Music. Why Your Child Needs Community Orchestras.

Music is a powerful element that affects your child’s growing mind, motor skills, language and ability to read. But that’s not all. Yes, it’s about more than music.

It’s About More Than Music

One study by USC Dornsife’s Brain and Creativity Institute examined how learning music may enhance children’s emotional and intellectual development. One of the results showed that music training accelerates maturity in areas of the brain responsible for sound processing, language development, speech perception and reading skills. In a study published in the journal PLOS One, the neuroscientists at the institute found that when the young musicians were performing an intellectual task, they demonstrated greater engagement of a brain network that is involved in executive function and decision-making.

Where is the Music?

But where do you take your child to listen to wider varieties of music like classical, jazz and symphonic music? Generally speaking, that would be a community orchestra. The Coppell Community Orchestra is one of them. Community orchestras are volunteer amateur musicians. The Coppell Community Orchestra is free to the public, even streaming performances during the pandemic. Donations and grants are the only funding for Community Orchestras.

Why Coppell Community Orchestra?

Coppell Community Orchestra Music

I point you to Coppell Community Orchestra because they enjoy children at their performances.  Symphonic orchestras frown on coughing; much less a talkative or crying child.  So, that’s two benefits for you: growing your child’s mind and FREE.  But there’s more.  Your child wants new experiences! What if your child has never seen a violin played within just feet away and are fascinated with the instrument?  What if they aspire to become the next violin virtuoso?  Exposing your children to a variety of experiences can help discover their interests, their strengths and their talents. Support your Community Orchestras!