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We love hearing success stories and testimonials from our clients! It’s a way of letting us know; Job Well Done! Our aim is to provide custom content for each client that meets their needs and helps them grow their business. We believe in building relationships that last!

Success Stories and Testimonials

Mid-Continental Testimonial

Thank you for the hard work and attention to detail when it comes to business handled by Mid-Continental Broadcasting. From an advertising platform’s perspective, the detail and concise verbiage you use makes it extremely simple, and allows for less chance of mistake from our end.
I truly appreciate all you have done in this work partnership!

Jason Taylor
General Manager – Mid-Continental Broadcasting

Success Stories from Our Clients.

I have written advertising copy and produced voice productions for my client, Medical Center Pharmacy, for well over 6 years.  The whole idea is to make him an “authority” in his field by writing a 30 second Health Tip which is then followed by a 30 second commercial about the product he is featuring. He records these commercials himself further establishing himself as an authority. I’ve written 3 per month for all these years and set him up to run in drive times only.  The pharmacy has flourished and they have bought out several others and added locations. Here are the three that are running in February 2021.

All Seasons Travel Testimonial

I have been in business for over 40 years and the last 10 I spent with Leila Scantlin as my advertising specialist at KLBC/KSEO radio station.  For 30 years I had a great ad specialist that worked with me wonderfully but, when Leila took over my account, it was night and day for the service she provided me.  I am not creative at all and I would just tell Leila to do something with travel for the next month and she would create a fabulous ad and I never ever had to revise it.  She did her research, made the ad sound professional and took care of it completely without me having to get involved other than to suggest a destination.  It was wonderful working with her and her talent and consideration for doing the best job for my business.

Shelley Lovan
Owner – All Seasons Travel

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