Let’s Talk about Marketing. How to Attract and Retain your Customer.

Content Marketing
Marketing to Attract your Customer

Marketing, or more specifically, Content Marketing, is many things. Content Marketing to attract and retain your customer is the best way to grow your business. The Content Marketing Institute defines it as:

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Creating an Attractive Message

Although there are a lot of moving parts, the concept is pretty simple. Create the content, attract your audience, and promote an action from your audience. The first and second part, create the content and attract your audience, are closely related. The content must be attractive and compelling to your clearly-defined audience. You already know your audience so the objective is to attract more of them. And that’s where the content comes in.

How do you make the content compelling? By making it interesting to the things your audience want to know more about. Things that help them understand. Content that helps them make a decision.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

A profitable action means encouraging your audience to be your customer. But that’s not where it ends. The goal is not just to get customers. The goal is to get and retain them. And how can you do that? By keeping your customers engaged. As a result, your brand is at the top of their mind, your customer is more likely to call you and keep using your product or service. Even more importantly, they are more inclined to recommend you to their family, friends, and associates.

Putting Words to your Aspirations

It’s about the words. And it’s about the keywords. How does the modern consumer get information about a product or service? In today’s digital world, over 80% of consumers use a search engine and, according to Datareportal:

Social Media
  1. More than half of the world now uses social media
  2. Many digital habits formed during lockdown have endured, despite the easing of restrictions
  3. Instagram has reached a big new audience milestone
  4. Search behaviours are evolving, with important implications for brands

We put words to your aspirations by creating compelling content based on your brand, your audience, and your objectives. We will work with you to help you design your brand message in order to help you attract and maintain your customers and attract even more.